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Endless Mountains Guide

The Endless Mountains Susquehanna River Region is home to a windy ex-Lehigh Valley track that follows the Susquehanna river. This track is broken up, operated by the RBMN, the Lehigh Railway, and Norfolk Southern way in the north.


[[ Reading Blue Mountain and Northern ]]

The RBMN operates the Duryea yard at the southern end of this region, and operates the line up to Mehoopany. They operate one daily train, PIME, which usually heads north at around 6-7 AM. They also operate a small track from Towanda to Monroeton.

[[ Lehigh Railway ]]

The Lehigh Railway operates this ex-LV line from Mehoopany to Athens, PA. This is the only line the Lehigh Railway operates. Furthermore, they don’t own it! They operate it with a long term lease from NS.

[[ Norfolk Southern ]]

Finally, NS owns the northernmost segment of the line, from Athens to Sayre.

Endless Mountains Region Railfan Map

Endless Mountains Region Railfan Map

by - Public domain

A railfanning map of the Endless Mountains Region in NEPA.

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Big Map

Below is a map with all the railfanning spots in the Endless Mountains Susquehanna River area. Click on them to learn more.

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