2021 Update

It’s been over a year since NEPA Trains’s last major update, and it’s now time for some more changes! Codenamed NEPATv2, this update mostly features changes under the hood, but some new features have been added as well! Part of the backend (about 1,200 lines) has been ported from Bash to Python, and the media system has been improved. 3DViews have been renamed to Object Views, largely to work better with Jekyll. Some of the more notable changes are:

  • 3DViews automatically redirect to Object Views
  • Reintroduced site blog
  • Images will now lazy load
  • Much smaller image assets
  • Some new looks
  • /content lists all media on the site
  • Added Youtube videos to some museum entries
  • Added sources to the [[ Scranton Long Lines Tower ]] page

This year’s update focused mostly on technical changes, which will allow me to create content for NEPA Trains much faster. There is another large “update” planned for Easter 2022, however, this update is to add content to the site. As such, the new content will trickle out throughout the development period instead of being one large release. Stay tuned to the blog for updates!

Post by NEPA Trains on 19 November 2021
Categories: site