Improved Privacy and the 2020 Update

You probably didn’t notice, but NEPA Trains was down for a little white. This was an update designed to better protect the site’s contributors from unwanted contact, and to protect the site’s mail system from unwanted spam emails. Time was also taken to update the site’s visuals and logos to use a retro nuclear-age font, to make the site a little more charismatic. Some pages received updated images and new information.

In other news, 2020 has affected NEPA in significant ways for urban explorers. Here’s a list of places that have been ruined or are now off-limits:

  • The Scranton Lace Factory (ongoing)
  • The [[ Scranton Long Lines Tower ]]
  • The rope swing
  • The town of Nicholson
  • [[ Asphalt Plant 6910 ]] (wasps - wait til winter)
  • Nichols Village
  • Steamtown (closed due to COVID)
  • [[ Train Bridge 2487 ]] (no longer fun for adrenaline junkies)
  • The Graffiti Highway was covered in dirt

And we’re just over half way through. Oh boy.

Post by NEPA Trains on 21 July 2020
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