The 2019 MoW Season is Starting on the Sunbury Line

The 2019 Maintenance of Way season is starting on the Sunbury Line. In the past weeks, MoW related trains have become a semi-common sight in the off-hours, with NS 92X taunting the line 6 times, Herzog trains, welded-rail trains, and hi-rails all becoming a more frequent sight.

Recently, new ballast was laid down in Clarks Summit, and almost all railroad litter (spikes, ties, spike containers, tie plates, etc…) has been removed from the track side.

Post by Max on 28 April 2019

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The Sunbury Line has been Split!

Norfolk Southern has split the Sunbury line in half! Starting 19 April 2019, the tracks from Binghamton to the Dupont Junction, where the Sunbury Line met the RBMN Lehigh Division, are still considered the “Sunbury Line”. The tracks from Dupont Junction to Sunbury however are now considered to be the “River Line”, complete with its own dispatcher!

Why did they do this? I can’t say for sure. There hasn’t even been an official announcement, just radio chatter. My personal theory is NS plans on increasing the traffic on the line(s) soon, so they split the line to reduce the load on the dispatcher. If anyone knows better why this happened, please email me.

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Troubles at the DL

4 hopper cars on a Delaware Lackawanna frac-sand train to Carbondale derailed near the Dickson City building today. The acting Dickson City police chief witnessed the derailment, and said that he saw one of the wheels wasn’t on the rail. Shortly after, 4 of the hopper cars derailed, with 2 of them falling completely off the tracks. Sand spilled out of the hopper cars, and one of the rails got completely mangled. While there isn’t necessarily an environmental concern, there certainly is a big mess to clean up.

The DL hopes to have the track reopened by this Friday (12 April 2019). In the meantime, you can expect to see MoW equipment brought into the area!

WNEP Article

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Visiting an Abandoned AT&T Long Lines Tower

Abandoned Long Lines tower as of April 2019

Today I hiked to an abandoned AT&T Long Lines tower. Eventually, I will have more information on this site, but for now, I am creating this post for testing purposes.

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A Day at the Amtrak Keystone Line

Today I visited the Amtrak Keystone Line, which runs from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Coming from the Sunbury Line, the speed of the trains was unimaginable. Each train that passed (minus the NS pair) was going somewhere around 60, and even then, most of them were quiet, especially the one that ran backwards.

Amtrak ACS-64

Some thoughts:

  • Coming from the NS Sunbury Line, these Amtrak trains go insanely fast. There’s very little time to get your camera ready.
  • This line (at least where I was) has CPL signals. Pretty cool.
  • I saw 6 trains in 2 and a half hours. On my line, you can go 5-6 hours before seeing any trains.
  • The new ACS-64s don’t seem to emit reliable HOTD beeps on the radio. I couldn’t rely on my scanner to tell me when a train was coming.

CPL signal still in use on the Amtrak Keystone Line!

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