NEPA Trains’ Media Content

Each piece of media on this site has its specific license right below it. If a piece of media does not have a license below it, click on it to see the license. All rights are reserved on the NEPA Trains logo by NEPA Trains.

NEPA Trains’ Textual Content

Unless otherwise noted, all textual content (text that is a part of a web page - not text that may be in an image or video) is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (Human readable), with the following exception:

  • You may not use “NEPATrains”, “NEPA Trains”, “NEPA”, “”, “”, or any similar variation in a way that may mislead someone into thinking that “NEPA Trains” does not represent the NEPA Trains website.

For the rest of the textual content, this means:

  • You may redistribute and/or modify textual content on this site.
  • You must give credit to NEPA Trains. NEPA Trains may be citied as either NEPA Trains or
  • You must publicly and visibly disclose if changes to the text were made, and if so, what the changes are.
    • You may not disclose changes in a way that makes it seem like NEPA Trains endorses your changes.
  • You must provide a link to the license:
  • You must distribute the text including your changes under the same license as the original text.
  • You may not implement legal or technological measures that prevent others from doing the same.
The above is not a substitute for the full license.

Please make sure you fully read the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Historical Items

Historical photos or videos hosted on this site are public domain unless otherwise noted. Some more recent historical photos are re-hosted due to the archival and educational exception in copyright law.

Company Logos

Company logos hosted on this site are done so to educate users. They are shown in whole as not to change the meaning of the logo or to hide the company they represent. Because of this, their usage on NEPA Trains is fair use.


NEPA Trains does not condone trespassing or committing crimes. Do not trespass in abandoned buildings, or any private property for that matter! You can be arrested. Was that picture really worth it?


By default, NEPA Trains does not disclose the locations of abandoned or “at risk” places. This can go as far as censoring information from articles that can reveal the location of an at risk location. This is an effort to prevent vandalism, theft, and destruction of historical/scenic locations. Sorry.

There are some exceptions, however. A location may be made public if:

  • It is a public facility.
  • It has been completely destroyed.
  • It is very well know.