Pinco Suspension White 1966

Region: North America
[[ Insulator ]]
Type: Transmission
Material: Ceramic
Style code: ST-???? (Pending ST number)
Maximum Power: 15kV per disc
Manufacturer: Pinco
Production Start: mid 20th century
Production End: mid-late 20th century
Rarity: Extremely Common
Specific Object
Date Made: 1966
Specific Object Condition: Good

These are white suspension insulators made by Pinco in the mid 20th century. This specific type of insulator was widely used on PP&L’s systems in the mid-late 20th century, and even today in some cases.

Each insulator is 10 inches wide. They couple using a pin-and-socket system. There are 4 petticoats, with the inner 3 getting progressively smaller.

These specific insulators were rescued from a decommissioned and soon-to-be demolished line.

Suspension Insulator Pin Socket

Suspension Insulator Pin Socket

by - CC BY-SA 4.0

A close up of the pin-socket locking mechanism for most suspension type insulators. This insulator is the [[ Pinco Suspension White 1966 ]].

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