Genesee Valley Transportation

Region: New York and Pennsylvania
Founded: 1985
Type: For profit

The Genesee Valley Transportation Company (GVT) is a shortline railroad holding company headquartered in Batavia, NY. They own:

  • the [[ Delaware Lackawanna ]]
  • the Depew, Lancaster, and Western
  • the Falls Road Railroad
  • the Mohawk, Adirondack, and Northern

Their locomotives are easily identifiable by the white-gray-black color scheme on most of their locomotives.


In 1985 Monte Verde, Mike Thomas, John Herbrand, and Chuck Riedmiller formed the Genesee Valley Transportation Company to buy and lease out ex-Conrail throwaway units.

In 1989, the GVT took a step to become what it is today. The GVT won a lease contract for a 3 mile stretch of disused Conrail track, which was part of the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western’s mainline to Buffalo, NY. The GVT created a subsidiary, the Depew, Lancaster, and Western, to operate this track. It was at this moment the GVT became a railroad operator, switching a few carloads for a ConAgra Flour Mill on the line.

In 1990, the GVT bought the Lowville & Beaver River Railroad, and in 1991 bough 124 miles of track from Conrail. The GVT combined the newly bought railroad with the newly bough track to form the Mohawk, Adirondack, and Northern railroad.

In 1993, the GVT began operating out of New York for the first time with their successful bid to operate the PNRRA’s tracks in Northeast Pennsylvania, forming the [[ Delaware Lackawanna ]] Railroad.

Most recently in 2009, the GVT build a transload warehouse in their hometown of Batavia, NY, to help serve industrial customers who cannot directly be serviced by rail. This warehouse is served by a 5 mile track that connects with CSX’s Rochester Subdivision.