1960s Gerber Food Jars

Region: North America
Type: Bottle
Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Gerber
Production Start: 1960s
Production End: 1970s
Rarity: Extremely Common
Specific Object
Date Made: 1960-1970
Specific Object Condition: Acceptable
Type: Advertisement
Creator: Gerber
Date Created: 1961

Old antique glass Gerber jars held baby food around the 1960s. There are 2 in my collection, the Gerber High Meat Dinner, and another generic Gerber jar. Unfortunately, not much more is known about these jars.

The Gerber High Meat Dinner had lots of meat, mixed with vegetables. It was high in vitamin B, niacin, and protein.

1961 Gerber High Meat Dinner Ad

See a generic jar here.