NS Adopts PSR and The Last 37T

Starting tomorrow, 1 July 2019, Norfolk Southern will adopt their new PSR train symbols. This will effectively “abolish” all current trains, but 37T is a little different. All trains will see symbol changes; some will see route changes, run time changes, and some will be abolished entirely. Rumors are running wild that 37T will be abolished entirely (meaning it won’t get a new symbol – it’ll be gone). Other rumors say that 37T will have it’s route changed to run from Allentown to Binghamton, instead of Allentown to Buffalo.

Recently, 37T has been a little shorter. One day in particular, I saw an insanely short 37T, at a whopping 24 cars! Remember, this is the same 37T that used to stall on the Clarks Summit Hill because of how long it was. See the first train in:

This is a huge change from the 37T I saw last year, which stalled and required pusher engines to make the Clarks Summit Hill. See (200 CARS!!):

Both of those videos were taken just 2 miles apart, neat! This leads us to the final video, taken today. This is the last 37T to ever run, and quite possibly the last “Daily half intermodal, half mixed freight, underpowered, Allentown-Buffalo train”!

37T was my favorite train on the Sunbury Line due to the problems it caused personality it added. I’ll be sad to see it go.

The Last 37T

The Last 37T

by Max Loiacono - All rights reserved

This is a photo of the last NS train 37T to run. The day after this photo was taken, NS adopted their new PSR train symbols. Rumors ran of the train being abolished outright. 37T was a daily, half intermodal half mixed freight train that ran from Allentown to Buffalo. 37T was famous on the Sunbury Line because of how much it stalled on the Clarks Summit Hill. Its antics will be missed by some.... [more info]

Post by Max on 30 June 2019
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